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all_packages-mipsbe-6.0rc10.zip10.73 MByte314
all_packages-mipsle-6.0rc10.zip10.71 MByte45
all_packages-ppc-6.0rc10.zip16.09 MByte23
all_packages-tile-6.0rc10.zip15.31 MByte30
all_packages-x86-6.0rc10.zip16 MByte125
mikrotik-6.0rc10.iso18.35 MByte588
netinstall-6.0rc10.zip16.45 MByte65
routeros-mipsbe-6.0rc10.npk9.45 MByte124
routeros-mipsle-6.0rc10.npk9.47 MByte6
routeros-powerpc-6.0rc10.npk14.93 MByte10
routeros-tile-6.0rc10.npk14.06 MByte23
routeros-x86-6.0rc10.npk13.36 MByte30
What's new in 6.0rc10 (2013-Feb-15 10:47):

*) ppp - added bridge-path-cost & bridge-port-priority to ppp profiles;
*) ppp - made RSTP work over ppp links as well;
*) ppp - added last-logged-out to ppp secrets;
*) ppp - made MRRU work propererly on CCR;
*) hotspot, ppp - support multiple address-lists;
*) fixed problem - could not format disks larger than 2Gb on CCR;
*) fixed problem - repartitioning flash second time made system unbootable;
*) fixed problem - partition fall back settings got corrupted;
*) fixed problem - package made for other architectures could be installed,
making whole system non functioning;
*) sstp, ipsec - respect CRLs;
*) certificates - for certificates marked as trusted=yes,
CRL will be automaticly updated once in hour from http sources;
*) fixed ppp family interfaces - show it's status (bug introduced in rc8);
*) fixed p2p, connection-bytes firewall matcher;
*) fixed ip firewall nat action=same;

x86 : untuk PC dan RB230
mipsbe : untuk RB400, RB700, RB900, Groove, Omnitik, SXT, Metal, Sextant
mipsle : untuk RB100 dan RB500
smips : untuk RB941-2nD (hAP)
ppc/powerpc : untuk RB600, RB800, RB1000
tile : untuk Cloud Core Router (mulai versi 6)

- File iso: untuk membuat CD instalasi
- netinstall: untuk melakukan netinstall
- routeros.*.npk: untuk mengupgrade versi
- all_packages.*.npk: untuk mengupgrade versi secara parsial per paket
- wireless-fp.*.npk: paket tambahan untuk wireless controller

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